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The EZ Publishing data center is located in Sacramento, California. We connect using multiple DS3 (T3) lines through multiple carriers to ensure redundancy and stability.

Data Center features:

  • Redundant connections.
  • Power and backup generators.
  • Powerhouse backup machines (the entire EZ network is backed-up weekly).
  • A pre-action fire sprinkler and halon system.
  • Electronic and human monitoring.
  • Electronic and human security.
  • Security terminals to monitor and provide data security.

Data center facility details:

  • Redundant cable and fiber-optic vaults guarantee room for massive network expansion through multiple existing duct banks.
  • Carriers and ISPs servicing customers in the building include: XO, Metromedia Fiber Network, Inc., Cogent Communications, Inc. and Netifice Communications.
  • Diverse, redundant paths to MDF and Telco rooms.
  • Telco environments with 8,000 amps of DC distribution are available on the first floor.
  • One MDF (Main Distribution Frame) room per two computing rooms, assuring survivability through an isolated disaster.
  • POP (Point of Presence) services on-site.
  • Cross Connecting services available on-site.
Specific network and data center facility questions can be sent to noc@ezpublishing.com.
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