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StreamSend offers the most plans at the most affordable prices available
today, so, in just minutes you can build and send e-promotions with the look
of a Fortune 500 production.

You know your business needs to do more to strengthen customer retention and increase revenues from current clients. Now, you don’t need a multi-million dollar marketing budget or a Fortune 500-sized staff to take the plunge. The StreamSend permission-based e-mail marketing system from EZ Publishing offers your business the opportunity to expand your client base and create and deliver the highest quality e-newsletters, even with limited resources. Generate interest in your products and services through repetitive exposure by using opt-in e-mail newsletters and other informational e-mails.

Small Business
StreamSend is the most cost-effective way to build and manage customer relationships. Stream Send allows you to send e-mail newsletters, announcements, and other vital communications quickly, easily, and securely.
StreamSend is an excellent way to bolster your business' offerings to your own clients. Your customers benefit from the ease, speed, and cost-effectiveness of StreamSend, while you strengthen your own customer relationships by offering a secure, valuable, cutting-edge online tool. Contact us today about our reseller opportunities.  
With the StreamSend API, software developers can send trackable email blasts directly from their own software applications. Easily integate StreamSend's powerful functionality into your software, and allow your users to quickly subscribe to your mailings from their existing user interface.  
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Learn More
Learn More
Build and Manage Your Lists
Create a list sign-up form in minutes
Import existing e-mail lists
Automatically subscribe/unsubscribe contacts as desired
Confirm opt-in subscribers
Manipulate and segment customer information based on interests, demographics, or customized questions
Create Campaigns
Automatically format and deliver HTML, text e-mail or multipart
Automatically subscribe/unsubscribe links created for message
New: Image Manager lets up upload and store your images in Stream Send
New:Online HTML tool allows you to create rich HTML emails with ease.
Send and Track
Target e-mails based on interests, demo graphics, or custom questions
Personalize each e-mail automatically
Send preview e-mail to yourself
Automatically track and flag invalid e-mail addresses (Bounce Management)
Export list information
Live click tracking reports for each link in your message (including who clicked on each link and when)
Track message reads in real time
View detailed reports online or export to spreadsheet format
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